Love, Madness, Fishing by Dexter Petley

Review published on November 7, 2017.

As I opened this book and started to read, I was at once transported back to my childhood, a childhood spent climbing trees, looking for conkers and fishing with a net for sticklebacks.

Dexter Petley, however, fishes for slightly bigger fish, but the story telling is lyrical, dreamlike and calming. For me, it was a trip into the past, and one I loved. Although it is only a slim book (170 pages) and would normally taken me just a couple of hours to read, it took me a couple of days for the simple reason that I kept drifting off into my childhood, thinking “I remember doing that” and “I remember them”.

The book was a joy to read and though I don’t fish at all I really enjoyed it. It was like reading a Boy’s Own Adventure or an Enid Blyton. I will be reading his other books simply because of the poetic way Dexter writes.

This is an ideal Christmas present for anyone who fishes or just wants a (as they used to say) a jolly good adventure.

Angie Rhodes 5/5

Love, Madness, Fishing by Dexter Petley
Little Toller Books 9781908213440 hbk Apr 2016


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