My Name is Nobody by Matthew Richardson

Review published on November 13, 2017.

Matthew Richardson has written a fantastic debut spy thriller that will grip you from beginning to end. This is well researched, and Richardson has certainly worn out his shoe leather trudging around London in the writing of this thriller.

Solomon Vine has been suspended from his counter-espionage role within Mi6, and is clicking his heels at home. He receives a postcard requesting a meeting in St James Park from Cosmo Newton, an old hand within the spy community. He has a request for Vine, which needs to be kept off the books and nobody should know back at Vauxhall Cross, otherwise their careers will be ended.

The mission is to find out what has happened to Gabriel Wild, Head of Station at Istanbul, who seems to have gone missing, with no sight or evidence of where he may have gone. Things take a strange turn when it emerges that Gabriel Wild has sent his copy of The Odyssey to Vine with a cryptic message.

As his investigation continues, it becomes clear that Newton has discovered a secret someone would prefer to remain secret. Vine is running out of allies, and when he is arrested after breaking into the office of a Member of Parliament, things could go wrong, especially if MI6 disown him. Vine feels like he cannot see what is happening around him, he just cannot be sure, especially with the double life he has to live. He has access to various aspects of the case, none of which make sense, and it needs all his intellect to crack the messages he is being sent as well as the various warnings. He really does not know who to trust.

As he races around London wanted by the police, Vine knows he is being set up, and he struggles to see what he needs to know. The question is once he has worked everything out, will he be able to stop the terrorist atrocity and bring justice for the state?

A great debut, really enjoyable.

Paul Diggett 4/4

My Name is Nobody by Matthew Richardson
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