SECOND OPINION: The Bureau of Second Chances by Sheena Kalayil

Review published on November 21, 2017.

This book started excellently, dropping us straight into the main character’s life. It was easy to care about and take an interest in him. The writing was enjoyable, easy, flowing and drew you in. Most of the other characters were well-written and woven well into the main character’s story. The other main character, however, I found it hard to truly empathise and care about him even though it should have been very possible. As a result the eventual conclusion was disappointing; orchestrated rather than one the main character would have chosen. In the end the promising title felt deceptive.

Enjoyable enough, and an easy read, but nothing special and not a book that gets to stay on my bookshelf.

Shabnah Ratnarajah 3/4

The Bureau of Second Chances by Sheena Kalayil
Polygon 9781846973925 pbk Jun 2017


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