Shadows by Paul Finch

Review published on November 3, 2017.

DC Lucy Clayton has finally arrived, she is a member of CID, bottom rung of the ladder maybe, but there is only one place to go and that is up. Well, as long as nobody ever finds out she is the daughter of one of Manchester’s most dangerous criminals. That is a detail that would do damage to both their careers.

Clayton is getting a reputation amongst her colleagues as a thief taker, good at her job, and always looking to do the right thing. It is when she is investigating a spate of house robberies that she discovers a Robin Hood character has been in action around one of the more deprived area.

Little does she know that this fact alone, and finding another crime scene, will put her life in danger and that of her mother also. As she is hunted like a criminal, she really does have to step over the line to save her mother and at least hope she can get out of all this trouble exploding around her. Can she really trust her ex-boyfriend to help her out while she waits for back-up from her colleagues?

Paul Finch is one of the best police thriller writers in the country at the moment. The characters he creates are dynamic, if somewhat defective in character. Lucy Clayton is part of the ‘Crowley’ area of the Greater Manchester Police force, with all its many faults, and the faults in the characters reflect the force that they work in.

Many readers in Greater Manchester will be able to recognise parts of the conurbation in the story, but Finch saves the blushes of those boroughs by not naming them. What is clear is that Paul Finch knows how to write thrillers. He is a natural born storyteller, who knows how to make things dark but wonderful at the same time. Read this and you will not regret any time spent with Lucy Clayburn.

Paul Diggett 5/5

Shadows by Paul Finch
Avon 9780007551330 pbk Oct 2017


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