The Fear Within by J.S. Law

Review published on November 27, 2017.

Lieutenant Dani Lewis, of the Special Investigations Branch of the Royal Navy Police, loves kicking ass and taking names. Or that is how it seems to her commander, who does not really trust her, thinking she is not a team player, and solving her current case, just like her previous one, does not help her case.

When she is brought a missing persons case, little does she know what it will involve, and that it will include her visiting her nemesis in prison. She has to work out how a brand-new sailor who came to work on the Friday, while the ship, Defiance, was in dock, and was not be seen leaving, came to be reported missing on the Monday.

While she and her Master at Arms search the darkest depths of the Defiance, she discovers that all is not as it should be on board. She finds sexism and on-board romances taking place, all clearly against regulations, but what is more she knows that people are lying to her. Having to rely on information from a former, allegedly corrupt, sailor, now a Portsmouth businessman, does not sit well with her.

Dani Lewis knows she is in a race against time, and people, to hopefully find the junior rating still alive. What she does find shocks her, and not forgetting the beatings and the bruising that she always seems to get. Will she ever get to the bottom of what her father is involved with? She has so many questions and too few answers.

Dani Lewis is an intriguing character, highly ambitious, not afraid to upset anyone in the pursuit of justice. The Fear Within is her second outing and she really is a detective whose character and backstory are continuing to develop. J.S. Law has written a gripping thriller that has a breathless plot, great characters and is very well written.

I highly recommend this book.

Paul Diggett 4/4

The Fear Within by J.S. Law
Headline 9781472227966 pbk Nov 2017



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