YA: Mind the Gap by Phil Earle

Review published on November 8, 2017.

Mikey’s best friend is worried about him; since his dad’s death, he is just existing and taking risks to feel alive again. The narrator of the story is Mikey’s best friend and he’ll do anything for Mikey, even put himself in danger. This is a touching story of friendship, grief and loyalty. From the very first line you are gripped by the powerful first person voice. A real page turner, I read it in one sitting, desperate to find out if Mikey’s nameless best mate could help him break out of his cycle of grief. Although a sad subject, I really felt engaged with the characters, who came across as touchingly realistic. Although a short story, the author has cleverly packed a lot in and I particularly enjoyed the details about London locations and the ending was very uplifting without being sugary. Not only was this book an insightful read but also looks like a real design classic from the cover to the font and shape of the actual book. it would be an ideal gift for someone who likes a fast-paced engaging story.

Rachel Kelly 5/3

Mind the Gap by Phil Earle
Barrington Stoke 9781781125892 pbk Jan 2017


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