Ghostbird by Carol Lovekin

Review published on December 25, 2017.

A first novel by this author, Ghostbird is set in Wales, which will appeal particularly to those who have an interest in all things Welsh and those who speak Welsh. The text is spattered with Welsh words and one of the characters is named after a character in The Mabinogian.

There are many references to witchcraft, magic and ghosts, which may or may not encourage the reader to read to the end, but the main substance of the book is about the relationships between the three main female characters, a mother, a child and an aunt who is the sister of the mother’s deceased brother. The interwoven relationships involve lies, secrets and the truth.

I found the book slow moving and struggled to finish it without being bored. Not a lot happened that is not predictable, although the characters are portrayed well.

Jan Jeffery 3/2

Ghostbird by Carol Lovekin
Honno Welsh Women’s Press 9781909983397 pbk Mar 2016


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