Know Me Now by C.J. Carver

Review published on December 20, 2017.

This is the third in the series of Dan Forrester novels by this award-winning author.

At times I had to refer to the past novels to get a bit of a handle on the life of Dan himself, an ex MI5 officer, who although settled with a family seems to have problems with his memory and is prone to be very spontaneous in terms of heading off for trouble.

When his godson Connor is reported as a suicide in Scotland, closely followed by the death of his father of a heart attack on a golfing holiday in Germany, little does Dan realise that both these deaths are connected, but they are suspicious and bring back to him his childhood.

Questioning his friend DC Lucy Davies and Grace, a GP based in the village where his godson lived, brings together the trio who have worked on previous cases and met some decidedly dodgy characters.

The novel is fast paced, features good characters who you can warm to as a reader (even without knowledge of previous books) and a plot that has a more ethical global twist which proves dangerous and intriguing.

I enjoyed it as a fast-paced thriller for a personal read and am sure Carver fans and book clubs alike will be pleased with her latest offering.

I might even seek out a few other Carver novels myself to read more about the mysterious Dan Forrester!

Philipa Coughlan 4/4

Know Me Now by C.J. Carver
Zaffre 9781785760310 pbk Jan 2018


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