Christmas Angels by Nadine Dorries

Review published on January 2, 2018.

I was glad to receive this in the Christmas holidays. I trained as a nurse in the 1980s and watch TV programmes set in the 50s such as Call the Midwife but am always interested in other types of nurses and Aileen works in paeds (children) at this time. Nurses at this time were looked upon as angels and staff respected each other – perhaps more so then.

The author, now an MP, also trained as nurse so is pulling on her knowledge and training.

The story is set in Liverpool in the 50s and the reader gets a sense of the dockyards and community life emerging from the war. Although this is book four in the Lovely Lane series readers can read it as a standalone book , but why not read the others in the series too? The book, as expected, is emotional; we forget the hardships people went through and the dawn of the National Health Service. This was a calling and people devoted their lives to the sick. Sister Tapps is a good example, overworked but the hospital is her family.

Will the neglected baby boy survive? Death was common in children still in the 50s and the author tackles these issues in a humane way.

A great old fashioned festive read – recommended.

Jane Brown 5/5

Christmas Angels by Nadine Dorries
Head of Zeus 9781784975180 pbk Nov 2017


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