SECOND OPINION: Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx

Review published on January 31, 2018.

Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx follows Loius Lasker’s trip through Europe with his twin step-brothers and his father to reach their ultimate destination.

Engaging, honest and unflinching, this novel is particularly well written. It is easy to read, refreshing, straightforward and unforced in its prose.

It is by turns acerbic, poignant and philosophical.

It focuses unflinchingly on the broken nature of relationships – nailing it with the true nature of what has passed. It throws a light on the complexity of human relationships – and is in turn penned by acid and by marshmallows that catch in the throat.

What remains unsaid by the author is of the same import as what is.

As the Laskers move forward so ultimately does the tone of this novel. As the emperor sheds his clothes – humanity is revealed in all it clarity, in all its raw unvarnished state.

I defy the reader to emerge unmoved – it is a bitter sweet elegy of the broken. An exquisite read.

Amanda Aldridge 5/5

Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx
Picador 9780330463522 hbk Apr 2017


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