The Sacred Symbol by Paula Wynne

Review published on January 28, 2018.

Starting in Spain, this is a charming yet gripping story that moves between modern and historical times to provide a rich crime conspiracy novel with lots of twists and turns. Whilst it is the second book in Wynne’s trilogy, it can readily be enjoyed as a standalone book also.

The beauty of this book is that it has the ability to be enjoyed by those that enjoy symbolic mysteries, crime, historical or romance books as it has a bit of everything weaved into a captivating and enjoyable story.

The book dives into action from the first page when Maria is on the run in historical Spain at the time of Christopher Columbus. It sustains good pace throughout. Maria is the keeper of the Codex and her responsibility requires her to keep her wits about her as she attempts to out manoeuvre the less scrupulous in order to survive. Unbeknown to Nina Monterossa, she is related to Maria and will through a journey of self-discovery find that she has responsibility thrust upon her, when her beloved father is murdered in the most devious way.

With bold and enjoyable characters that evolve and develop with the story, this is a highly entertaining and fast paced book with great cliff hangers. Offering broad appeal, as well as plenty to discuss, it would be make a great reading group book also.

Sara Garland 5/5

The Sacred Symbol by Paula Wynne
Vista Prado 9780993492181 pbk Jan 2018


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