How Not To Kill Yourself by Set Sytes

Review published on February 20, 2018.

“You’re not mad, and there’s nothing wrong with you (well, in this context, at least!)”

Set Sytes has written such an interesting book that looks into life dealing with depression and how to cope or deal with it. This is something not many, if any, authors are willing to do so without offending the reader.

His very tongue-in-cheek writing and humour is refreshing to read when reading about this touchy subject. It takes the stigma off the actual topic and helps make it an easier read for those who are unsure how to take it.

When reading through, the way each section is broken down, with little doodles per chapter with opinions, helps keep the reader entertained and interested to keep reading. In the chapter called “Dogs, swamps and blankets”, Set uses interesting descriptions to explain what it is like to live with depression, for those who have bought the book but not living with the mental illness trying to understand what it is like. That depression can take many forms and not just a single form. It can be the black shadow dog that follows you, a swamp that the person is living in and sometimes even like a blanket.

While depression can be described in so many words and phrases, it will never be exactly the same for every person, since ever person is unique and so is the battle in living with depression.

Laura Root 4/-

How Not To Kill Yourself by Set Sytes
Microcosm Publishing 9781621061977 pbk Mar 2018


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