The Third Reich in 100 Objects by Roger Moorhouse

Review published on February 5, 2018.

Roger Moorhouse is one of Europe’s top experts on the Nazis and the Third Reich, who has published over the years some of the most important studies on various aspects of the Reich and its people. This book has been collated by an expert and it also happens to be the first of its kind covering the Third Reich and the Second World War.

What this gives the reader is a wide range of objects that illustrate all aspects of life during that period, from politics to normal, mundane life. Some of the objects are bizarre, others are sinister, and many could be considered rather ordinary if it were not for where they were from and what they were used for. It cannot be any way said that it could be an easy task to limit yourself to just 100 objects to define the Third Reich.

The first object that is recorded is Hitler’s Pain Box that had been looted out of his desk in his Munich apartment by the Belgiam war correspondent Robert Francotte. Some of the usual suspects are here, with Mein Kampf, the Berlin Olympic Stadium of 1936, and the Hitler Youth uniforms being examples of this.

There are also objects that you may not expect to be included such as Rudolf Hess’s underpants, the Wilhelm Gustloff bracelet and the Prinz Eugen propeller, which all help to make this a fascinating account.

For each of the objects in this book, besides pictures of the item concerned, there is a detailed description. This gives you an idea of why it was included in the book and the fascinating history each object holds.

The premise, the research and intent of this book as a different way of looking at the Third Reich all make this a truly interesting book. As I am sure Roger Moorhouse would explain there is very little left to discover about the Third Reich as a library of books are usually published each year, all covering very much the same subjects, with nothing very new added.

This book does bring a different way at looking at the Third Reich and therefore makes this book, readable and interesting.

Paul Diggett 5/4

The Third Reich in 100 Objects by Roger Moorhouse
Greenhill Books 9781784381806 hbk Nov 2017


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