A Litany of Good Intentions by Andrew Harris

Review published on March 13, 2018.

A Litany of Good Intentions and, yes, it was my intention to read this book. I tried, I really did. I’ve had dozens of books from Nudge to review and this is the first one I have failed to finish. I did read the first 150 pages but then realised I had very little idea what was going on and no interest in the characters.

The blurb and premise appealed to me. It’s about an invention which will alleviate world poverty by producing very cheap electricity. This should create a new age of global prosperity but companies involved in the production of oil, gas, coal, etc. would have a lot to lose if this happens and will take drastic steps to prevent it.

That sounds interesting but I found the story very complicated in spite of being written in a rather strange, terse style. There are many characters, most of whom I found unbelievable and I couldn’t relate to any of them. I hadn’t got anywhere with it after 150 pages and there were another 400 to go. I don’t like giving up on a book but this one just wasn’t for me.

Berwyn Peet 1/1

A Litany of Good Intentions by Andrew Harris
Faithful Hound 9781911195498 pbk Oct 2017


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