Arrowhead by Ruth Eastham

Review published on March 8, 2018.

Although I am somewhat older than the target audience for this book I really enjoyed reading it. It is a nice fast-paced adventure with plenty of Viking history to whet your appetite and, in fact, I wish some adult books were as enjoyable to read. I think it would appeal to any teens who have an interest in history or archaeology and they may even want to discover more about Vikings and their myths or sagas after reading this book.

This is Nordic noir for teens that is set in Norway and I think it is a good read for any teenagers regardless of gender. The characters here have plenty of depth for this kind of book and it seems quite well researched and thought out. The main thread here is of friendship and bravery, even across the centuries.

The story is about an ancient Viking curse and does involve a dead Viking boy trapped in a glacier so some caution may be advised before giving it to younger children.

Sara Boorman 4/3

Arrowhead by Ruth Eastham
Shrine Bell 9781911342618 pbk Feb 2018


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