Coming Home by Fern Britton

Review published on March 10, 2018.

When I read The Postcard last year, I commented on the fact that there were two characters whose stories seemed unresolved. Henry and his sister, Ella, seemed to have much more to tell us and so I was really pleased when I heard that Fern Britton was writing Coming Home, Henry and Ella’s story.

It’s also the story of Sennen, their mother, who abandoned them when they were very young. Unable to cope with two young children when she was only 17 herself, she took off and never saw them again… until now.

Coming Home is an emotional and moving story. It looks at loss in different ways and how it can affect a person.

For a 400+ page book, I read it quite quickly, within a couple of days. Britton has an easy and inviting writing style. She had me caring about the characters and hoping that all would work out well for them. I loved Ella, although Henry was a little harder to like at times. I liked Sennen a lot as well and found her to be flawed, yet hugely likeable.

It was lovely to return to Pendruggan and Trevay, the fictional villages where the author sets her books. I was a little sad that other characters from The Postcard, such as Penny and Simon, didn’t play a larger role but to be fair, it wasn’t their story. I was pleased to see old favourite, Queenie, was in there though. I’d love Fern Britton to write her story next!

This book, like The Postcard before it, was a bit like a warm hug on a cold day. It’s a sweet, easy read but one which still packs a punch.

Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes, 4/3

Coming Home by Fern Britton
HarperCollins 9780007563005 hbk Feb 2018


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