The Cover Up by Marnie Riches

Review published on March 8, 2018.

The Cover Up is my introduction to Marnie Riches and her slant on Manc Noir, and I was not disappointed. Marnie from the north of God’s fair city, to me being south of it, has brought to the fore something we Mancs have always known and recognised a strong, unapologetic and sometimes hard woman. Shelia O’Brien is that woman, a woman in her 40s who has had to overcome her abusive husband, rivals and GMP. Getting one over on GMP being the easiest, as they usually cannot find their backsides with both hands.

Manchester’s underworld is still reeling from the death of Paddy O’Brien and the attack on his business. The only one person who has the balls of steel to step in is his wife Sheila and she, along with her business partner Gloria Bell, steps up and take charge.

The death of Paddy O’Brien is seen as a reason for other ‘firms’ to move in on his territory and a Brummie crime boss, Nigel Bancroft, decides to move on the territory. As a fight for control begins to take place, other forces are also in play that neither had expected.

Not only are Shelia’s businesses under attack from an outsider, PC Plod in the form of detective constable Ellis James, and the Tax Man keep attacking them too. At times they get a little too close for comfort, and Sheila is sure there is a mole in her organisation, little does she know where the leak is really coming from.

There are some wonderful twists in this cracking thriller, and it is great to see a strong Mancunian woman strutting her stuff. Manchester provides the back drop to what is a fantastic read. I am glad I have found Marnie Riches who is a fantastic author, her characters are strong and take no rubbish, just like they should be.

The Cover Up is fantastic thriller that people will love, and now I want to read more of Marnie Riches who is a shining light in Manc Noir and long may that continue.

Paul Diggett 5/5

The Cover Up by Marnie Riches
Avon 9780008203962 pbk Jan 2018


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