AUDIO: Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey

Review published on April 10, 2018.

I do try to sample Booker winners when they interest me, and the subject matter and time period sounded approachable. I was offered an Audible copy, so accessed this as an audiobook, a 20-hour listen.

From the beginning I found the narration very friendly, enthusiastic and easy to listen to, and there was humour in the early lives of preacher’s son Oscar and future-heiress Lucinda, who both through their adolescent journeys become gamblers.

It took nearly half the book for them to meet, and at that point my interest actually started waning a little. I was expecting the slightly lighter tone of the first half to continue.

The religion that early on had amused me and piqued my interest started to annoy me later on, and I was having trouble keeping up with the secondary characters’ names and roles (a feat in itself in a long audiobook).

I don’t think I connected with adult Oscar or Lucinda particularly. Though I’m glad to say I’m now familiar with the story and author, it’s not one I’m going to recall, recommend or reread. I have come across many sagas I’ve been enraptured by, but this one just meandered to a finish without me feeling desperate to know the conclusion.

Katy Noyes 3/4

Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey
Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd B0786TH9Z6 audiobook Feb 2018


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