If I Did It by O.J. Simpson

Review published on April 6, 2018.

I chose this book as I thought it would be interesting to read the take of the man himself on the murders of his ex wife and Ron Goldman.

The first part of the book is written by a ghostwriter who spoke to O.J. at length to put together the first run of the book. The book was pulped and never released.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder but was taken to civil court and ordered to pay the Goldman family 19 million in damages. To date, he has not paid a penny. The family managed to gain copyright of his book, and with the help of Dominic Dunne (the ghost writer O.J. worked with for the original) they have released his testimonial.

It is a confessional. All of the murder-related text according to O.J. is “hypothetical” but it is obvious to the reader that he did in fact commit the murders. The lead up to it is an account of his marriage to Nicole, and I found it difficult to read. O.J. whines and moans, is self indulgent and narcissistic. Wherever he can, incidents are blamed on Nicole, he makes himself out to be the victim. At times it is chilling, it is certainly gripping.

I honestly thought I would not like the book but I read it in two days. I always sat on the fence as to whether he was guilty or not, but after reading this I have no doubt of his guilt, and his attitude of not being able to be touched now he was acquitted. He throws it in the Goldman family’s face frequently.

The hardest part of the book is understanding the American justice system. I found it hard to reconcile the fact that he basically has written a confession but cannot be touched. I also find it hard to understand that now he has been charged damages he has not paid, and because he lives in Florida his homestead cannot be touched. It all seems very backwards.

For anyone interested in the case, it is a must read. It may be a hard read for anyone who as suffered at the hands of an abuser, but it is quite insightful into how a narcissist thinks. It is a book that will haunt me for some time. I only hope that at some point justice is served, but I very much doubt it.

Alison Groom 4/5

If I Did It by O.J. Simpson
Gibson Square Books Ltd 9781783341290 pbk Mar 2016


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