SECOND OPINION: The Fear by C.L. Taylor

Review published on April 11, 2018.

This is a gripping psychological thriller that gets nicely under the skin and is full of tension throughout. It features Lou Wandsworth, a young woman whose ability to lead a normal life is thwarted by the grooming and abduction she experienced as a 14-year-old girl. At the time she didn’t realise she was being groomed. Being a vulnerable misfit, she thought she had met someone who understood and loved her. It was only when she became trapped in a hotel room and that it became apparent they were clearly on the run did the true extent of the situation she been landed in come to realisation.

Now 32, upon finding out that another young girl is being groomed, she cannot allow this to happen again and so she begins to intervene whilst trying to keep a low profile. However, when Mike (her abductor) finds out she is out to expose him, and his ex-wife also finds out Lou is on the scene, events take twist after unexpected twist, which is both mesmerising, nail biting and horrifying in equal measure.

Taylor takes a fresh approach to this subject matter in her usual no holds bar rendition on events. It moves quickly amidst tangible danger and keeps you on your toes throughout. Lou is likeable, although you do want to scream at her for some of her poor decisions that put her at greater risk. But those decisions don’t half make for tense, chilling and utterly gripping situations. One that is pleasingly hard to put down. Crime readers should thoroughly enjoy and fans of Taylor will not be disappointed.

Sara Garland 5/4

The Fear by C.L. Taylor
Avon 9780008118099 pbk Mar 2018


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