The Pull of the River by Matt Gaw

Review published on April 12, 2018.

Having been born in the sixties, I witnessed the demise of rivers and canals, but also in the 90s and beyond witnessed a rebirth of both canals and rivers and I too now have a love for both. This is a beautiful story of Matt and James, who go on a journey in a homemade canoe.

How many of us explore our backyard? Some would think rather silly in a canoe, yet this pair did – and what a story they had to tell – this is all within our reach in the UK. This was not a summer jaunt, the pair wanted to explore in all seasons and witness all weathers. Brave certainly, but this was interesting.

This is a story of friendship, adventure and fantastic nature. This is the author’s debut book.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the Thames as I spend a lot of time at Kew Bridge, but although I may enjoy a glass of wine overlooking Kew or Chiswick, I give very little thought to my surroundings and the very obvious river. Whilst finishing this book earlier this week, the Severn and Avon rivers were about to peak dangerously due to the rain fall – it made me consider again why I have never explored even on the footpaths.

The book made me think I should take it with me when out and about, and when in areas that are described in the book read the chapter and get the sense of what Matt and James felt at that time.

The book is well researched with interesting facts about the places and waterways they visited.

A marvellous find and for all Jerome K. Jerome fans this is another great book.

I am already thinking of who would love this book for Christmas.

Thank you Nudge for allowing me to review this book and thank you Matt Gaw for writing it and inspiring me.

Jane Brown 5/5

The Pull of the River by Matt Gaw
Elliott & Thompson 9781783963348 hbk Apr 2018


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