SECOND OPINION: Dark Pines by Will Dean

Review published on May 17, 2018.

Tuva Moodyson had a good career in London, which she left behind to go to Sweden to be closer to her mother who is dying. She gets a job as a reporter on a local newspaper in Gavrik, an isolated town, located close to a forest, and has the chance to report on a gruesome murder when a man is shot in the forest and both his eyes are removed. This could be Tuva’s chance to make a name for herself as a reporter. She sets out to write the story and delve into the town’s past, since there were similar murders twenty years earlier.

Tuva seems emotionally damaged and also has to struggle to overcome the difficulties she encounters due to her deafness. We encounter lots of strange characters who live in the woods as Tuva begins her investigation and there is a sense of menace when she is in the woods, trying to find out just what happened both now and in the past. The locals aren’t very helpful as it is a close-knit town with most people being related to one another, and they do join forces to make it difficult for her to unravel the secrets the woods hold.

I found this an atmospheric and moody mystery that I was hoping Tuva would manage to unravel. This is a book you can immediately get into and the author makes Tuva very believable. An enjoyable read.

Denise Thompson 4/4

Dark Pines by Will Dean
Point Blank 9781786072535 pbk Jan 2018


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