Star Wars: The Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older

Review published on May 14, 2018.

Star Wars: The Last Shot is a tie-in novel to the forthcoming Han Solo film. Years ago a piece of technology was stolen by Han, and someone wants it back. Droids are starting to be able to be programmed to kill, this change could destroy the New Republic. Han and Lando go off on an adventure to fix the mistakes of their pasts that strangely ties in with the droid problem.

The novel is set in 3 different time periods, one of which is very close to the new Solo film. A couple of characters that are introduced in this novel will also be in the film. This is mainly a story about Han and Lando, there are only a couple of other memorable characters. I particularly liked the Ewok and L3-37. The current time period is set when Han’s son is only a toddler, and he is trying to work out how to be a good father. This is well done as it illustrates the differences between the older and younger versions of Han Solo. The younger Han Solo is more reckless and egotistical. Lando also benefits from the different time periods, there is really a feeling of growth throughout the novel for him.

The book feels a bit like a boys own adventure; lots of action sequences, double crosses, and big reveals. This makes it very readable. It does take a while to get used to jumping to different time periods every other chapter. The Last Shot is a fun, light-hearted read.

This is a must-read for those Star Wars fans that are interested in the history of Han and Lando. There are lots of interesting revelations, particularly about Han Solo. The novel does assume that the reader is familiar with the Star Wars universe, as there are many references to events in the films. Otherwise, it is a good standalone novel set in the Star Wars universe.

Reading groups may like to read it a part of a film tie-in month, or as part of a boys own adventure month. Interestingly, the plight of droids in the book could be used in a discussion of the treatment of the other in novels.

Angela Finch 4/3

Star Wars: The Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older
Century 9781780898643 hbk Apr 2018


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