Now You See Her by Heidi Perks

Review published on July 11, 2018.

It takes just a few seconds to lose sight of a child. What would you feel like if you were the friend watching over her?? This is the situation for Charlotte, who takes four-year-old Alice along with her children to the local school fair. Never has her friend Harriet ever left her child with anyone before….

Charlotte goes from a care free normal mum to enemy number one. As the story unfolds there are journalists swarming the place, friends that won’t let her near their children and she is questioned by police seemingly to within an inch of her life.

But all is not right in Harriet’s home life, and drip by drip we find out more as we uncover just what has led to this situation and why things have transpired the way they have…

With some beautifully engaging dialogue and highly reflective thought processes, the voices of these characters are articulate and carefully crafted. There is good tension, you feel the characters’ exhaustion, and the frantic thoughts that run alongside this. There are endless questions and challenging people to face. You sway from sympathy, to empathy, to doubt, to judgement and back again as more and more of the story unfolds. It’s a case of only knowing what someone wants to share with you and so do ever really know another person?

The story is told moving from the recent past to current situation, which supports the reveal. The ending did feel predictable but I still thoroughly enjoyed the journey getting there. It is swift and engaging to read throughout.

Sara Garland 4/4

Now You See Her by Heidi Perks
Century 9781780898834 hbk Jul 2018


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