SECOND OPINION: Hummingbird by Tristan Hughes

Review published on July 13, 2018.

Once again I am indebted to nudge-book for providing me with this book, to read and honestly review. In this case I am especially grateful because this book is written by a completely new author to me, and it is a book that in all probability I would never have chosen and taken down from the shelf, and therefore I would have missed out on a very entertaining enjoyable and quirky little read.

Set in the wilds of Ontario, Northern Canada, this is an achingly beautiful almost unbelievably descriptive story, the sights and the sounds, so real you feel as though you can actually reach out and touch the wonders of nature so expertly described.

The story revolves around fifteen-year-old Zach Taylor, a somewhat ordinary dependable lad, living a quiet lonely isolated life with his father in these seemingly idyllic surroundings. Their few aged neighbours could easily qualify for parts in “Twin Peaks” – weird does not do justice to describing them. That is until the arrival of the enigmatic and somewhat strange Eva Spiller, who promptly proceeds to stir up proceedings. Both our main characters have known tragedy in their short lives, and together they embark on a voyage of discovery. Nothing in Sitting Down Lake is quite what it seems, the surrounding forest hides ruins surprises and is full of mystery.

I previously mentioned this is a short book at just 180 pages, but there is no filler just a simple engaging story, a haunting tale of loss and regret, but also of friendship and hope, and I personally very much recommend it.

John McCormick 4/4

Hummingbird by Tristan Hughes
Parthian Books 9781912109807 pbk Mar 2018


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