Empire of Time by Daniel Godfrey

Review published on August 17, 2018.

This was an interesting and very enjoyable take on the time travelling theme – with added Ancient Rome interest.

My biggest problem was that I had not read New Pompeii, the first book in the series, and as such there were a lot of themes and background knowledge I was lacking. Although this made it difficult at times, to follow all the threads of the story, it did not distract unduly.

I particularly liked the use of split times and locations and that the jump between them was not obviously signposted – it was left to the reader’s intelligence to follow them.

Daniel’s style struck a chord with me and I particularly liked the way he continued to develop the characters.

All in all, an enjoyable read and exploration of the themes of good and bad. I would recommend it but would also recommend you read New Pompeii first.

Andrew Pellow 4/3

Empire of Time by Daniel Godfrey
Titan Books Ltd 9781785653155 pbk Jun 2017


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