The 28 Day Alcohol Free Challenge by Andy Ramage and Ruari Fairbairns

Review published on August 5, 2018.

First, I want to say that some of the reviews of this book are a bit unfair. No, the book does not go into the medical effects of drinking, but we all know that cirrhosis of the liver, cancers etc. can result from a prolonged and high intake of alcohol. What is more worrying is that drinking is the norm and on summer’s days this is blatantly obvious to children too, who grow up thinking it is OK to drink to excess.

Right, to the book – it is set out well and the yellow pages really stand out, and I agree with the authors’ that drinking even in moderation (I am now not really sure what moderation is) does make you tired, grumpy, your annoying colleagues just get even more annoying and, lately, with stress at work, I drink to help me sleep, which often has the opposite effect.

It is all about looking at yourself and looking to other motivations, looking after your body, since we only get one. What I really like was the reference to Steve Peters’ book The Chimp Paradox, I am currently watching the Tour De France and am fascinated by Team Sky.

There are interesting personal stories which the reader can relate to: I loved the mocktails and the resources are helpful.

It is all about mindset, and will I be trying this? – Yes, when my new job starts in August, even if it helps me move to a different mindset. It doesn’t have to start with a “dry” January, it can start anytime.

Jane Brown 5/5

The 28 Day Alcohol Free Challenge by Andy Ramage and Ruari Fairbairns
Bluebird 9781509857258 pbk Dec 2017


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