The October Men by David Impey

Review published on August 7, 2018.

David Impey has an interest in providing rational explanations for the more mystical aspects of science. I am not sure that everything is totally explained in this novel, but it goes a long way!

The book consists of several short chapters, each concerning different characters. Gradually, throughout the book they overlap, and the plot is slowly revealed. It involves time travel and high finance. How does a long lost masterpiece bought for a few francs suddenly appear at an auction in the present day when it commands millions? How is a mysterious investor never wrong in his predictions as to how the market will behave? It is almost as if there are several plot lines here, but obviously there is a connection. Each would have been interesting in its own right as a stand alone novel.

Unfortunately, however much time travelling you do, things go wrong, and the thriller element of The October Men is literally a race against time. The science seems remarkably plausible, and it is a gripping read. I was delighted to have the opportunity to review it.

Readers can only be urged not to give up on it as the connections are made gradually, and for at least half the book there do not seem to be any. It is a great one to take on a long journey (not through time!), or when it can be enjoyed at leisure. Definitely a recommendation for reading groups as well as a great personal read.

Ruth Ginarlis 5/5

The October Men by David Impey
BigBear Communications LTD 9781912145799 pbk Apr 2018


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