Beyond the Label by Maureen Chiquet

Review published on September 7, 2018.

I have to say, I had never previously heard of Maureen Chiquet, but I am always interested in the stories that successful women have to tell, so I picked this book up. I would say this book sits more easily in the category of memoir rather than being a management-how-to guide though.

I found it to be an interesting read – I have heard of The Gap and the associated group of companies and, therefore, I could comprehend the radicalness of introducing palazzo pants into their chino world. Chanel is, of course, a luxury brand I’ve heard of, but would never aspire to (either for wear or work!). That perhaps is the shortcoming of the book for me. I expected to read more about the value of her arts background rather than the more usual marketing and business scenario. Lots of issues were touched on – feminine leadership, conflict of business versus family life – but not really explored in any depth.

I really enjoyed her acknowledgements as much as any of the chapters.

If you like memoirs by leading business people, life stories about successful women and/or retail memoirs, then this would be the book for you.

Cath Sell 3/3

Beyond the Label by Maureen Chiquet
HarperBusiness 9780062655714 pbk Jun 2018


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