Play Dead by Angela Marsons

Review published on September 5, 2018.

This is book four in the series, and while you would manage this as a standalone, I would say to read the previous three. You get better insight into the characters, their background and they are just really good books. DI Kim Stone and crew are headed to a body farm, ordered by the boss the team reluctantly go and come across a body that shouldn’t be there. When it soon becomes apparent they have a serial on their hands, the team is pushed to get to the bottom of it before another life is taken.

The book splits into two, the murders/police investigation and an unknown character (written in italics), we don’t hear often from them, but as the book progresses we get a bit more clarity of what is the point. Stone has to find out who the victim is, why someone would have so much rage toward them and what the motivation could possibly be. Whilst dealing with that, she also has a journalist under her feet, Tracy Frost. Tracy has a nose for these things and wants the scoop, regardless.

I love Stone and her team dynamics, even the snarky encounters, she deals with them brilliantly and always the champion for the victim. What I liked about this book (as well as the normal stuff we see from Marsons) was the body farm stuff, what they do, different tests on the subjects, it isn’t something you really ever think about. Action packed as per, relationships, police investigation, dead bodies, serial killer what more could you want? I have the rest in the series on my shelves and cannot wait to see what is next for Stone and the team.

Lainy SMBSLT 4/4

Play Dead by Angela Marsons
Sphere 9780751571332 pbk Dec 2017


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