SECOND OPINION: Perfect Ten by Jacqueline Ward

Review published on October 8, 2018.

Caroline had a good life, a high powered career and two much loved children, until everything unravelled. Her philandering husband tired of her and wanted to go to pastures new, but he wanted to take everything from her in the process. He managed to convince the authorities that she was incapable of looking after her children and was given custody of them. A heart broken Caroline descended into her own world of madness, drinking constantly and ordering mountains of unwanted items from Amazon and gradually being overwhelmed by the boxes that litter her once perfect house.

One day a delivery man arrives at her door with her husband’s luggage and briefcase, which he’d failed to mark with his new address. The temptation to get into his briefcase, where she believed he kept all his secrets was irresistible and it isn’t long before Caroline finds out exactly what her ex-husband is like with endless lists of women he’d been unfaithful to her with and each one is given a mark out of ten. This knowledge drags Caroline out of her downward spiral enough to make her want to seek revenge on both her husband and the women he marked out of ten.

She quickly opens a fake Facebook account and sets out to target each person on the list, discredit them and her husband and hopefully when the world sees what a controlling and cruel man he is, she will finally manage to win back her children. The Facebook profile she makes us is for Made Up Monica which amused me every time it was referred to.

This is a read in one sitting book, which will have the reader gripped and eager to know what Caroline has in store for each of them and to spur her on to get what she wants. I can’t remember the last book which made me not stop reading until the very end, but this is one and I finished it in record time.

Denise Thompson 5/5

Perfect Ten by Jacqueline Ward
Corvus 9781786493767 pbk Sep 2018


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