On nudge and in newbooks we’re adding content on various strands that we think you will find of interest. You may find the following abbreviations useful as a way of collecting posts on the same theme:

BB21C – Best Books of the 21st Century
ATW80 – Around the World in 80 Books
OIR: – Our Intrepid Reporter (the colon’s important)
ALW: or Retro – A Life’s Work is where the author is no longer with us, sadly the case with Margaret Forster and Retro (for Retrospective) where we’re looking at what’s already published and hoping there are more books yet to come!
AMR: Author meets Reviewer (and use the colon to make the search work).
I’m a Writer . . . where new authors get to make an interesting pitch as to why you should check out their book.
On my mind – another showcase for authors to develop a thoughtful point they’ve had to address.

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