Occasionally, when one of our reviewers has really enjoyed a book and would like to know about the author, we are able to put the two together. Whether it’s face to face or via email, the results make for fascinating reading for us all.

AMR: Katherine Webb meets Gill Chedgey
AMR: L R Fredericks meets Philipa Coughlan
AMR: Ron Butlin meets Philipa Coughlan
AMR: Damon Young meets Jade Craddock
AMR: Ausma Zehanat Khan meets Linda Hepworth
AMR: Natasha Pulley meets Sara Garland
AMR: Kayo Chingonyi meets Jade Craddock
AMR: Martin Gurdon meets Paul Cheney
AMR: Jill Santopolo meets Jade Craddock
AMR: Lesley Thomson meets Sheila A. Grant
AMR: Emma Henderson meets Berwyn Peet
AMR: Michael Fishwick meets Jade Craddock
AMR: Sarah J Naughton meets Nicola Smith
AMR: Isabel Ashdown meets Nicola Smith
AMR: Charlie Lovett meets Phil Ramage
AMR: GX Todd meets Sara Garland
AMR: Jem Lester meets various
AMR: Nuala Ellwood meets Sheila A. Grant
AMR: Parisa Reza meets Paul Burke
AMR: Steven Amsterdam meets Teresa O’Halloran
AMR: Simon Barnes meets Paul Cheney
AMR: Tana French meets Mike Stafford
AMR: Elizabeth Haynes meets Dorothy Flaxman
AMR: Benjamin Myers meets Mike Stafford
AMR: Francis Pryor meets Paul Cheney
AMR: Clare Mackintosh meets Sheila A. Grant
AMR: Antonia Hodgson meets Nicola Smith
AMR: Kim Devereux meets Phil Ramage
AMR: Liane Moriarty meets Jade Craddock
AMR: Robyn Young meets Sara Garland
AMR: Vaughn Entwistle meets Phil Ramage
AMR: Mary Kubica meets Jade Craddock
AMR: Holly Seddon meets Mike Stafford
AMR: Colin MacIntyre meets Judith Griffith
Jason Starr meets Beth Moffat
Harry Leslie Smith meets Mike Stafford
Patrick Ness meets Jade Craddock
David Owen meets Jade Craddock
Julia Heaberlin meets Mike Stafford
Stewart Foster meets Jade Craddock
Jamie Mollart meets Rebecca Kershaw
Carl Walker meets Mike Stafford
Laura Thompson meets Mike Stafford
Antonia Honeywell meets Jade Craddock
Chris Whitaker  meets Phil Ramage
AMR: Melissa Harrison meets Paul Cheney
Chris Cleave meets Alastair Giles
Peter James meets Jayne Townsend
Derek Pykett meets Reg Seward
Adèle Geras meets Sheila A Grant
Anna Schaffner meets Mike Stafford
Dan Richards meets Paul Cheney